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Treating Rare Genetic Disorder | Dr Aashish K Sharma

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Treating Rare Genetic Disorder | Dr Aashish K Sharma

Orthopaedics & Joint Replacement | Posted on 12/21/2022 by RBH

Ms Aparna Yadav was suffering from a rare genetic disorder that didn’t allow her to move or walk on her own. It had been long 11 years of using support to walk which is why moving around on her own feet seemed like a miracle, even to her. Ms Yadav was diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis, which had caused her hips to fuse together, limiting her flexibility. 

Our leading surgeon, Dr Aashish K Sharma, director of orthopedics and joint replacement performed total hip replacement surgery using the latest generation Delta Ceramic Joint. The procedure was a success and there were no complications. It was important to create a proper range of motion and align the tissues and bones around the hip joint. The post-surgery recovery took around 5-6 days during which time she started bending her hips and was able to independently mobilise herself without any assistance, a privilege that came after 11 long years. Fast forward to 2 months, Ms Yadav can now walk independently like a normal person. 

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