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Case Study - Rigid Bronchoscopy in CK Birla Hospital Jaipur

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Case Study - Rigid Bronchoscopy in CK Birla Hospital Jaipur

Pulmonology | Posted on 01/22/2024 by RBH


Rigid Bronchoscopy is a specialized medical procedure used in the diagnosis and treatment of various respiratory conditions, particularly those involving the trachea and bronchial tree. This case study focuses on a unique case involving a 20-year-old man with a chronic cough resulting from the ingestion of a pen cap, highlighting the importance of this minimally invasive bronchoscopic technique.

Rigid Bronchoscopy is an essential tool for evaluating and managing foreign body aspirations, tumors, and other obstructive airway disorders. It allows direct visualization and access to the airways, facilitating the removal of foreign objects, biopsies, and interventions like stent placement or laser therapy.

This case underscores the significance of prompt diagnosis and intervention in cases of foreign body inhalation, which led to serious respiratory complications. The study outlines the patient's presentation, diagnostic procedures, and the successful application of Rigid Bronchoscopy in removing the foreign body, ultimately relieving the patient's chronic cough and improving his quality of life. Rigid Bronchoscopy emerges as a crucial technique in the management of such cases, emphasizing its utility in the field of pulmonology.


Dr. Rakesh Godara, a highly experienced pulmonologist with more than 13 years of practice, met a patient with a persistent chronic cough. Following a CT scan, it was discovered that the patient had ingested the cap of a pen, which had become lodged in their airway. This investigation helped to delve into the application of rigid bronchoscopy as both a diagnostic and therapeutic approach to retrieve the foreign object from the patient's respiratory tract.

Counseling and treatment

Dr. Rakesh Godara swiftly diagnosed the condition and suggested the patient undergo a rigid bronchoscopy procedure to treat his chronic cough. The patient received counseling on the necessary course of therapy and the amount of recovery time. 


The doctor conducted a procedure known as rigid bronchoscopy to address the persistent cough of the patient. During this operation, he used cautery and a hot probe to cut through a web-like obstruction, thereby restoring the passage's openness. Afterward, within the left lower lobe, Dr. Godara removed a plastic screw cap and eliminated pus that had caused an obstruction. Cryotherapy was employed to remove granulation tissue, ultimately restoring patency to the left lower lobe.


Ingesting foreign bodies might cause very dangerous respiratory issues. Thanks to the expertise of Dr. Rakesh Godara, who promptly diagnosed the situation and provided specialized intervention, the patient experienced a successful procedure. This ultimately relieved the patient's chronic cough and greatly enhanced their quality of life, showcasing Dr. Godara's remarkable medical skill and dedication to patient care.