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CMRI Observes 52 Years Of Clinical Efficiency

CMRI Observes 52 Years Of Clinical Efficiency

HNExpress Staff Reporter: The Calcutta Medical Research Institute (CMRI), one of the largest multi-specialty hospitals in Kolkata brings in complex cases and strives to achieve highest peak of clinical excellence. CMRI observed its foundation Day with some of its young and adult patients who underwent complicated transplant procedure and other complex treatments and have a second lease of life. Pediatric kidney transplant is a unique service, offered by the Renal Science team of CMRI. The skilled team of doctors and medical staff, together with high-end medical infrastructure have given a new lease of life to numerous patients including children. With gratitude and kindness, patients today spoke about their experiences at the press conference.

Eminent doctors from CMRI have generously contributed to their specialized fields of Renal Science, Pulmonology, ENT, Orthopaedic and have been pivotal in giving new lives to many, including children. Dr. Raja Dhar (Director & HOD, Pulmonology), Dr. Shyam Krishnan (Interventional Pulmonology), Dr. Arjun Dasgupta (Consultant- Rhinologist ENT & Endoscopic Skull- Based Surgeon), Dr. Pradeep Chakraborty (Head & Director of Renal Sciences, CMRI), Dr.Rajeev Sinha (Paediatric Transplant Surgeon), and Dr. Rakesh Rajput (Director & HOD of Orthopaedics) shared their unanimous opinion that at the very core of a healthcare relationship lies trust.

Speaking on the 52nd Foundation Day of CMRI, Dr. Simmardeep Gill, CEO, CK Birla Hospitals expressed his appreciation towards all doctors, nurses, paramedics, and non-medical staff, who have been doing a marvelous job of saving lives. He said, “We have been constantly working towards achieving clinical excellence and making a positive difference in the lives of our patients. Our doctors and other medical staff are always ensuring that each patient gets the best possible attention and medical care. It takes a lot of hard work and perseverance to continuously be on your toes and unflinchingly serve the thousands of patients who place their trust in us. We are striving towards achieving a complete digital health setup and trying to incorporate better use of technology in healthcare. Our patients’ testimonials speak for our state-of-art facilities and their life stories post-transplant & complex procedures. They motivate us to expand our diagnostic and treatment facilities far and beyond the city.”

Sagar Jana, a 10-year-old child was devastated and his smile disappeared when he was diagnosed with kidney failure. He was under dialysis and finally underwent kidney transplant under guidance and medical attention of Dr. Pradip Chakraborty, Head & Director of Renal Sciences, CMRI & Dr. Rajiv Sinha, Consultant- Paediatric Nephrology. Now he is back on feet and enjoying his healthy life just like any other child of his age.

Soni Tamang, a 14-year-old child successfully underwent a kidney transplant under the expert care of Dr. Pradip Chakraborty, Head & Director of Renal Sciences, CMRI & Dr. Rajiv Sinha, Consultant- Paediatric Nephrology. Soni is in her perfect health now and even back to her favorite dance steps.

Another child, Aahir Roy, suffered from hearing and speech loss since birth. He regained his hearing ability through a cochlear implant carried out skilfully by Dr. N V K Mohan, ENT & Cochlear Implant Surgeon. Aahir has been transitioned from deafness of silence to the lively world of music.

Savitri Devi, a 65 years old patient was suffering from excruciating pain of Mucormycosis. Today she can see the world with absolute clear vision after being treated by Dr. Arjun Dasgupta, Consultant- Rhinologist ENT & Endoscopic Skull- Based Surgeon& ENT team.

Sriyanko Dutta, who had lost his finger due to an accident, was on the verge of lamenting over his lifelong loss. However, Dr. Anupam Golash conducted a finger re-implant surgery and now he enjoys the world of art and colors. He is mastering his skill of paintings now.