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Mild Covid on the rise, say docs

Mild Covid on the rise, say docs

Kolkata: Even though the number of covid admissions remain stable and low across hospitals, a spurt in transmission may have been triggered in Kolkata, going by the number of people afflicted with mild covid like symptoms who are not always getting tested, say doctors.  Many of them could actually be covid positive, they fear, but point out that surges like these will keep recurring till the pandemic persists and may eventually lead to a herd immunity.

It would now be difficult to identify covid since with temperature fluctuations, multiple viruses have been let loose, according to CMRI hospital director of pulmonology Raja Dhar. “Cases of mild fever with cough and other Covid like symptoms have suddenly shot up. Most of these could be other viruses but chances of a rise in Covid transmission can’t be ruled out either. With vaccination, a large section of the population has developed resistance so we can expect most cases to be mild. Going forward, It may not be feasible or necessary to get tested every time we have fever. More mildly-afflicted patients will help to turn Covid into an endemic from a pandemic,” said Dhar

Over the last fortnight, more patients have sought treatment for mild fever and cough and this includes doctors as well, said Institute of Post-Graduate Medical Education & Research (IPGMER) professor Diptendra Sarkar. "There has been a sudden proliferation in cases. We are advising most to stay at home for a few days which is proving to be enough. Unless the fever persists for 4-5 days, a Covid test is not essential. Most cases are mild which is a good sign," said Sarkar.
He cited the instance of an SSKM Hospital doctor who had fever for two days and was a Covid-suspect but recovered even before he could get tested.
A disabled-rights activist and her family have tested positive but their symptoms are mild.
Unless a new strain like the Omicron turns out to be virulent, most cases will continue to be mild, felt Dhar. "We can never be sure about a variant. But so far, reports suggest that Omicron patients have had a very mild disease which is even milder than what had struck patients after the second wave. So, a mere rise in cases needn't cause panic. Rather, it's a step towards complete immunity," added Dhar.

Mild Covid cases could indeed be getting lost among multiple viral infections which are now on the prowl, said RN Tagore International Institute of Cardiac Sciences (RTIICS) intensivistSaurenPanja. "Covid cases remain mild and sporadic. With season change around the corner, there could be a mild spurt I transmission. While there is yet no reason to panic, it should be kept in mind that a section of patients will continue to get a severe Coviddespote double vaccination. So, we need to continue sticking to all the Covid norms," said Panja.