CK Birla Hospital’s department of Bone and Joint deals with all problems of bones, joints and spine. The department is not only involved in fracture management and accidental services but also has a full program for all Orthopaedic problems. The team provides a consultant lead service in emergencies. The framework of a multi-specialty hospital provides full support in the management of all patients who have other medical problems alongside.

Today’s fast-paced life is putting excessive demands on the joint and back. We are definitely living more in terms of years hence age-related bone maladies like Osteoarthritis and Osteoporosis are becoming common ailments.

Orthopedics is possibly one of the most dynamic fields in medicine with new innovations and changes coming in every day. We, at CK Birla Hospital’s, are proud to host most comprehensive teams which are also innovating besides being highly dedicated. The teams have been put together to cover all aspects of this fascinating branch. The team concept allows pooling in talents of many eminent surgeons all working together to improve the quality of patient care. It not only provides compassionate care but also a high level of technical expertise.


Surgical Procedures

Spine Surgery & Back Problems

The team comprises highly qualified and trained surgeons doing spinal surgery. Our team with its innovative approach…

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Knee Surgery

From simple key-hole surgeries to replacement of the whole knee, our clinical team possesses all the skills. The team runs a highly successful program…

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Hip Surgery

Many childhood conditions are often under-diagnosed leading to arthritis of the hip at a very young age. Loss of blood supply to hip is another common…

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Foot & Ankle Surgery

A hereto neglected field has found flavour in our hospital with even complex surgeries being done regularly. No longer do people have to persist with painful…

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Shoulder Surgery

One area that has got enriched and expanded from recent increase in technology and knowledge. Shoulder surgery can now to a large extent be done…

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Trauma Surgery

The truth is, we are not safe either in our houses or on the streets or at work. There is an accident happening every minute big or small. Our Orthopaedic team…

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Elbow and Hand Surgery

We undertake care of hand injuries and special conditions such as nerve injuries, nerve compressions, removal of tumors, and correction…

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Sports Medicine and Recent Advancements

Possibly the biggest buzz in the orthopaedic world is the untapped potential of steam cells and platelet reach plasma therapy. We have a…

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